Neighborhood Block Party

How To Host?

  • 1.

    Set a date and time.

  • 2.

    Contact your neighbors. This can be done by phone, mail or a leaflet drop at their door.

  • 3.

    If you want to block off the street or part of one, contact the City of Westerville, (If you live within the City limits), and get a block party permit form.

  • 4.

    Pay $25 to the City. They will bring barricades and cones. (The money is returned if there are no issues!)

  • 5.

    On the form you can ask if police and/or fire can bring a car or an engine by. This is great entertainment.

  • 6.

    Be sure to let the neighbors know who is to bring what and what, if anything, will be provided. For example, neighbors who have even numbered addresses bring desserts, odd addresses bring salads. Host providing hotdogs, etc.

  • 7.

    Gather some tables and chairs from everyone. Ask neighbors to bring additional chairs and beverages of their choice.

  • 8.

    Entertainment: Games for kids, music, etc.

  • 9.

    On the day of the party, have everyone sign in. Use a guessing game to get them to do so. (this will give the host email and/or phone numbers for future parties. (guessing game: # of candies in a jar, etc)

  • 10.

    Ask a local business or two to donate a prize. The City electric division and parks department have freebie handouts too like light bulbs, rulers, etc.

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