What is Neighbor 2 Neighbor?

Westerville Neighbors

Neighbor 2 Neighbor (N2N) is a grassroots community-driven conversation to build spirit of community, foster neighborhood connections and encourage neighbor engagement.
The mission of N2N is to create and encourage a community culture of neighbors welcoming each other, talking with each other, taking care of each other and supporting each other.

The Tomato Story

You never know when a single act will change someone's life.

Read the story about how a simple box of tomatoes helped begin N2N.

The take away from the Tomato Story? Try harder to be neighborly. To say hello. To get to know your neighbors. And the next time you see a tomato at a store or a farmer's market, think of this story and how you can be a good neighbor.
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How Can I Participate?

  • 1.

    Get to know your neighbors!
    Go next door and introduce yourself! You may be shocked by all the things you both have in common!

  • 2.

    Support your neighbors when needed.
    Do you have a neighbor who is elderly or someone who has come down with the flu? Offer to run to the grocery or pick up supper for them. Has it snowed, are their leaves in the yard, are their bushes over growing? Offer to lend a hand to help them out!

  • 3.

    Participate in community events.
    Westerville is a busy community! Keep an eye on the Westerville Community Calendar so you never miss out on the fun!

  • 4.

    Join the conversation!
    Neighbor to Neighbor is on social media. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with activities around the community. Be sure to use #Neighbor2Neighbor and tag us @Neighbor2Neighbor-Westerville so we can see what you're doing in the community.

  • 5.

    Use community resources.
    Recommend those in need to existing community resources such as WARM, Neighborhood Bridges, N2N and many others!

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